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The TV tower in Berlin.

Movies That Put Berlin on the Center Stage

Berlin is popular on the big screen. Countless movies, international as well as German, feature the German capital prominently. Here are some of the best ones.


Good Bye Lenin

Good Bye Lenin takes place in East Berlin in 1989. A woman wakes up after several months in a coma. Her heart is weak, so strong emotional impressions could be fatal for her. As a devoted communist, what could be more shocking than the realization that the Berlin Wall has fallen? To save his mother, her son Alex turns her apartment into a reserve from the past.


Brian, a young British student, arrives in Berlin in 1931. The decadence and the growing political unrest, which is being exploited by the Nazis, captivates him. Amidst all this, he meets a young, eccentric American, Sally Bowles. She’s the star of a run-down cabaret, called the Kit-Kat Club.

Run Lola Run

Manni has gotten into trouble with the mafia and his girlfriend Lola has 20 minutes to find the money that can save him. Manni works as a courier for a car thief, and forgets a plastic bag with 100,000 D-mark on the metro in Berlin. The 20 minutes before the client arrives to collect the money quickly evaporates...

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